There Is Snow

I got the idea for this book from a Christmas song, but it isn't a Christmas book.  The book is designed in a full page, landscape format.  All text is at the bottom of the page and written in an easy to read, expanded format.  Most pages follow the same sentence frame as above.  All text is supported by picture cues.  Sight words used are: there, is, on, in, the, me.  (7 pages)


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Make Room For Me!

I created this book to use in conjunction with The Mitten folktale.   All of the pages follow the sentence frame that you see in the sample page above except for the last two pages.  On those pages you'll find a little twist to the story.  This is not The Mitten folktale, however.   Most new vocabulary is supported with picture cues.   The book is created in a full page, landscape format  with expanded text for easier reading.  Sight words used are: a, got, in, the, make, for, me, too, go, to, walk, so, other, all.  All text is at the bottom of the page.  The pages are not numbered so that you may arrange them as you choose.  (10 pages)


1G - Make Room For Me! download (2.8 MB BIG file!)


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*~*Stop by Magical Mittens @ The Virtual Vine for free activities to go along with this book!*~*


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