Watermelon Seeds

This book was written in the familiar rhyme style of "One Potato, Two Potato", but with a surprise twist at the end.  :)  It's also our first shot at doing a shape book.  The book was designed to be copied onto red paper, and the students color the rind of the watermelon green, the seeds black, and then cut out the pages.  The pages are designed to be bound at the top so that they flip UP.  The book  also comes in two formats; one is with numbers and the other is with number words.  The pages are designed in a full page, landscape format. All text is at the bottom of the pages and is written in an easy to read, expanded format.  The pages are not numbered, but the text is sequential and supported by pictures.  (12 pages)

Note:  Visit The Virtual Vine  for a free "Wild About Watermelons" unit.  Also, keep a watch for more Watermelon reproducibles to be added here. 


5A - Watermelon Seeds (with numbers) download (7 MB)

5B - Watermelon Seeds (with number words) download (8.5 MB)


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*You can also find a FREE Wild About Watermelons! unit @ The Virtual Vine*



Watermelon Shape Book and Ant Pattern

The watermelon shape book pictured above is made from green and red construction paper.  Staple blank pages inside for your students to use as a mini-journal or to write their own watermelon books or watermelon facts.  The book is created using one whole sheet of both green and red construction paper, and is stapled at the top, across the fold.  You purchase the template to cut the green paper, and the reproducible for copying onto the red paper.

The ant pattern is created on a full page, portrait format.  Photocopy the pattern onto black or brown construction paper.  Students cut out the pieces and assemble on another sheet of construction paper.  Enclosed is a diagram of the finished ant to be used as a guide.


5C - Watermelon Shape Book and Ant Pattern download (4.3 MB)


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The Life of a Watermelon

This book was written as part of the Wild AboutWatermelons! unit at The Virtual Vine.  It carries the reader through the life of a watermelon.  It would be a great addition to a Watermelon or Plant Unit.  Most of the text follows the sentence frame:  This is a _______ from the _______.  So the book is an excellent reinforcer of the sequential process, and although the pages are not numbered, each page builds on the one prior to it.  All text is supported by picture cues.

The book was created in a full page, landscape format.  It was designed as a watermelon "shape book" to be bound at the top, therefore the pages will flip up.  It was also designed for the front and back cover to be reproduced on green construction paper.  A "realistic" back cover is provided as well, so when the book is viewed from the back, it looks like the back side of the watermelon.  The students cut out each page and color the pictures.

All text is at the bottom of the pages and is written in an easy to read, expanded format.  The sight words used are: the, of, a, this, is, from. 
(13 pages)


5D - The Life of a Watermelon download (10 MB)


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