Kara Goes to School

This book was written as a "Back to School" book that would reinforce the days of the week.  It can be used to reinforce colors/color words as well.  The book follows Kara through each day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday.  The Monday through Friday pages all follow the same text format as the page above.  Of course, Saturday and Sunday are a little different and do not follow this predictable format.  However, all text is supported by picture clues.  As I was finishing it up, I realized that the text format might be too difficult for a predictable book (because of the Saturday and Sunday pages).  Then I realized that because the pages aren't numbered, Kindergarten teachers who wanted to use the book with their students could easily remove Saturday and Sunday's pages if desired.  This would create an easy to read, predictable format through out the entire book.

This book has been created in a full page, portrait format.  All text is at the bottom of the page and in an easy to read, expanded format.  Sight words  include: goes, to, on, got, for, her, new, red, purple, yellow, green, orange, not, did, go, and, she.  On the Monday through Friday pages, students color the pictures to match the text.  (8 pages) 


7A - Kara Goes to School download (3.5 MB)



Back to School

Use this emergent reader as part of your "Back to School" theme and introduce/reinforce colors and color words at the same time.  This book was created in a vertical, half-page format, with predictable text supported by picture clues.  All text is at the bottom of the page and written in an easy to read, expanded format.  Students color each picture to match the text.  The book covers the 11 basic colors and includes the sight words:  a, an.    (13 pages)


7B - Back to School download


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First Day of School

Another addition to your "Back to School" theme.  Students create an instant connection with the "new" theme of this book by relating it to themselves.  Very simple text, all supported by visual cues.  All pages follow the format as on the page above.  All text written at the bottom of the page and in an easy to read, expanded format.  The book is created in a full page, portrait format. 
(11 pages)


7C - First Day of School download (7MB)



School Days Bingo

Two versions of Bingo that can be added to your "Back to School" theme or used year round.  I've been creating materials like these for years for my classroom and it just occurred to me that I could be sharing those here as well. :)  One version of Bingo provides students with graphics and a full page format.  The more advanced version provides them with the word and a half page format. 


Each game comes with enough cards for 25 students to play plus the calling cards.  Print them on cardstock, laminate and you're ready to play! (Advanced version must be cut apart or cut out)  *You provide game markers*


7E- School Days Bingo download (photos)

7F- School Days Bingo Advanced download (words)


Ordering Instructions


Ordering Instructions

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