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This website was created in order to share my printable teacher resources with you.  Here you'll find affordable, blackline masters and COLOR versions to use in creating books for your emerging readers, as well as other printable activities.  The resources here were designed to be used in my classroom, so take a look at what we've been doing.  The books are designed with ample room for binding or stapling, and most text is in an expanded format for easier reading.  Just purchase, copy, and assemble, and you and your students are ready to begin! 

Most of the books have full size 8.5 x 11 pages. A couple have half pages, but none are smaller. The smaller sized pages are the ones with only 2 - 3 words per page. Each book description tells you what size pages it has. 

I've created the books this size so that the text is enlarged. Years ago I was using a book with my class that I'd created for Hey Diddle Diddle. That was before I'd learned about the enlarged text.  One of my students (1st grade) told me that I'd written the words too small. :) Unfortunately, I'd used a regular size font and none of the exaggerated spacing.  He was use to seeing the enlarged print in our emergent readers because we'd used several of my books that I sell here already.  My student's comment about this shows me that the enlarged print does matter to the students.  So although many teachers like to use the mini books (4 book pages per sheet) because they save on space, paper, and copies, I find the larger books are more kid friendly.  And that's what these materials are all about ... creating things to use to make my students successful in learning while having FUN in the process! :)

The  COLOR versions are awesome when you're putting together things in a snap for use in your pocketcharts, class books, Big Books, sample books, classroom library, browsing boxes, or even student books.  Just print onto cardstock, laminate, cut out, bind if necessary and you're done!  Use the book graphics to create your own matching Big Books by simply printing the text in a larger kid friendly font (landscape) with exaggerated spacing and glue both to either construction paper or posterboard, laminate and bind and you're ready to go!

In an effort to speed up the loading process of this page, I've created individual pages for each theme.  So please click on the links below for the items that you're interested in and the loading process should be faster.






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New Addition!  I've opened a store front on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT).  The new additions will be added there so that you'll be able to have access to the instant download feature.  In consideration of the economic climate, the new books are being formatted to print 2 pages per sheet instead of one and the prices have been lowered.  I hope to slowly move the books from this site to that venue. 



Teachers Pay Teachers Store - Cindy Montgomery

(Cindy @ The Virtual Vine)



Hope you'll stop by and take a peek at the new items that have been added as well as a couple of freebies!

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The Latest Reformatted Materials to Be Added ...


ABCs Apples Bears Bees
The Alphabet Tree The Apple Tree Where Is My Bear? Buzzy Bee
  Apples Goldilocks and the Three Bears Buzzy Goes to School
    Goldilocks and the Three Bears Activity Pack  
Birthdays Christmas Colors Cowboys
The Happy Birthday Song The Perfect Christmas All Things Black Rootin', Tootin' Cowboy
Happy Birthday to Me! Away He Ran All Things Blue  
Let's Bake a Cake   All Things Brown  
    All Things Orange  
    All Things Pink  
    All Things Purple  
    All Things Red  
    All Things White  
    I See Green  
Easter Fall Family Farm
Peter Cottontail Fall Glyphs A Family Fun at the Farm
Where Are the Eggs?     The Farm
Guess Who?     Old MacDonald Had a Farm
      Who's In the Barn?
Frogs Gingerbread Halloween Ladybugs
I'd Rather Be A Frog The Gingerbread Man On a Trick or Treating Night Ladybug Making Words Activity
  Away He Ran    
Misc. Books Monsters Nursery Rhymes Ocean
The Gigantic Pumpkin Big, Scary Monster Humpty Dumpty Bryn's Swim
Katie's Morning Monster Bash Baa, Baa Black Sheep
The Chameleon      
Picnics Pirates School Seasons
Packing For a Picnic Patch, the Pirate Back to School Seasons
The Ants Go Marching   First Day of School  
    Kara Goes to School  
    School Days Bingo  
Shapes Sight Words Snowmen Spring
Shapes Are Everywhere! I See ... The Snowman Counting Book The Little Yellow Duck
    Let's Build a Snowman! Yellow Duck
    Snowman, Snowman, What Do You See? Signs of Spring
    The Snowman A Strawberry
      Peter Rabbit
Summer Valentines Watermelons Winter
Yummy, Yummy Ice Cream Hearts Watermelon Seeds Make Room For Me!
  Valentine's Day Watermelon Shape Book and Ant There Is Snow
    The Life of a Watermelon  


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