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At this time, only the materials below listed in BLUE are available and they are available only by PDF download.  The items listed in green have not been reformatted for download yet.  If you're interested in anything, email me and let me know and I'll see what I can do about getting it ready for you.

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**Some of the files are BIG ... make sure your email can handle it!**

(files over 10 MB will be sent as 2 or more files)


BLUE items are available;

green items are by email request only


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1A - The Snowman Counting Book (with numbers) download

1B - The Snowman Counting Book (with number words) download

1C - The Snowman download

1D - Snowman, Snowman, What Do You See? download

1E - There Is Snow download

1F - Let's Build a Snowman! download

1G - Make Room For Me! download

2A - The Happy Birthday Song download

2B - Happy Birthday to Me (for birthday student)

2C - Happy Birthday to Me (for Birthday Unit) download

2D - Pocketchart Pictures for Happy Birthday to Me {for Birthday Unit} download

2F - Let's Bake a Cake! download

3A - Rootin', Tootin' Cowboy download

3B - Rootin', Tootin' Cowboy Pocketchart Pictures download

4A - Where is My Bear? download

4B - Where Is My Bear? (fill-in-the-blank version)

4D - Goldilocks and the Three Bears download

4E - Goldilocks and the Three Bears COLOR download

4F - Goldilocks and the Three Bears Activity Pack

5A - Watermelon Seeds (with numbers) download

5B - Watermelon Seeds (with number words) download)

5C - Watermelon Shape Book and Ant Pattern download

5D - The Life of a Watermelon download

6A - Colors

6B - All Things Red download

6C - All Things Yellow

6D - All Things Green download

6E - All Things Green Pocketchart Pictures download

6F - All Things Blue download

6G - All Things Blue Pocketchart Pictures download

6H - All Things Orange

6I - All Things Orange Pocketchart Pictures

6J - All Things Purple download

6K - All Things Purple Pocketchart Pictures download

6L - All Things Black download

6M - All Things Black Pocketchart Pictures download

6N - All Things Brown download

6O - All Things Brown Pocketchart Pictures download

6P - All Things White download

6Q - All Things White Pocketchart Pictures download

6R - All Things Pink download

6S - All Things Pink Pocketchart Pictures download

6V - I See Green download

6W - I See Green Pocketchart Pictures download

6X - I See Green COLOR download

6Y - I See Green Pocketchart Pictures COLOR download

7A - Kara Goes to School download

7B - Back to School download

7C - First Day of School download

7E - School Days Bingo download

7F - School Days Bingo Advanced download

8A - Big, Scary Monster! download

8C - Monster Bash download

8D - Monster Bash Pocketchart Pictures

8E - Monster Bash Chapter 2 (currently out of print)

9A - Old MacDonald Had a Farm download

9A2 - Old MacDonald Had a Farm pocketchart pictures download

9B - The Farm download

9B2 - The Farm pocketchart pictures download

9C - Who's In the Barn? download

9F - Fun at the Farm download

9G - Fun at the Farm COLOR download

9H - Fun at the Farm Pockechart Pictures download

9I - Fun at the Farm pocketchart pictures in COLOR download

10A - Hearts (with numbers) download

10B - Hearts (with number words) download

10C - Valentine's Day download

11A - Where Are The Eggs? download

11B - Guess Who? download

11C - Peter Cottontail download

11D - Peter Cottontail Pocketchart Pictures download

11E - Where Are The Eggs? pocketchart pictures download

11F - Guess Who? pocketchart pictures download

12A - A Book

12B - The Book

12C - I See ... download

12D - I See ... Pocketchart Pictures

12E - I See ... COLOR download

12F - I See ... COLOR Pocketchart Pictures

13A - The Apple Tree download (11 MB)

13B - The Apple Tree with number words download (11.2 MB)

13C - The Apple Tree no apples download

13D - The Apple Tree no apples with number words download (HUGE file!!! 13 MB)

13E - Apples download

14A - Fall Glyphs download

15A - The Gingerbread Man download

16A - The Alphabet Tree download

16B - The Alphabet Tree Pocketchart Pictures download

17A - Packing For A Picnic download

17B - Packing For A Picnic Pocketchart Pictures download

17C - The Ants Go Marching download

17D - The Ants Go Marching Pocketchart Pictures download

18A - Shapes Are Everywhere! download

18B - Shapes Are Everywhere! Pocketchart Pictures download

19A - Buzzy Bee download

19B - Buzzy Bee Pocketchart Pictures download

19C - Buzzy's Garden download

19D - Buzzy's Garden Pocketchart Pictures download

19E - Buzzy Goes To School download

19F - Buzzy Goes To School Pocketchart Pictures download

20A - A Family download

20B - A Family Pocketchart Pictures download

20C - A Family COLOR download

20D - A Family Pocketchart Pictures in COLOR download

21A - Seasons download

21B - Seasons Pocketchart Pictures download

22A - Bryn's Swim download

22B - Bryn's Swim Pocketchart Pictures download

22C - Bryn's Swim COLOR download

22D - Bryn's Swim Pocketchart Pictures COLOR download

23A - The Perfect Christmas

23B - The Perfect Christmas Pocketchart Pictures

23E - Away He Ran download

23F - Away He Ran Pocketchart Pictures download

23G - Away He Ran COLOR download

23H - Away He Ran COLOR Pocketchart Pictures download

24A - The Little Yellow Duck download

24B - The Little Yellow Duck Pocketchart Pictures download

24C - Yellow Duck download

24D - Yellow Duck Pocketchart Pictures download

24E - A Strawberry download

24E2 - A Strawberry COLOR download

24F - A Strawberry Pocketchart Pictures download

24G - Signs of Spring download

24H - Signs of Spring Pocketchart Pictures download

24I - Peter Rabbit download

24J - Peter Rabbit Pocketchart Pictures download

24K - Peter Rabbit COLOR download (12 MB!!)

24L - Peter Rabbit Pocketchart Pictures COLOR download (10 MB)

25A - Humpty Dumpty download

25C - Humpty Dumpty Pocketchart Pictures download

25D - Humpty Dumpty Pocketchart Pictures in COLOR by download

25E - Baa, Baa Black Sheep download

25F - Baa, Baa Black Sheep Pocketchart Pictures download

26A - The Chameleon download

26B - The Chameleon Pocketchart Pictures

26C - Katie's Morning download

26D- Katie's Morning Pocketchart Pictures download

26E - The Gigantic Pumpkin download

26F - The Gigantic Pumpkin Pocketchart Pictures download

26G - Katie's Morning in COLOR download

26H- Katie's Morning Pocketchart Pictures in color download

27A - Yummy, Yummy Ice Cream download

27A2 - Yummy, Yummy Ice Cream COLOR download

27B - Yummy, Yummy Ice Cream Pocketchart Pictures download

27B2 - Yummy, Yummy Ice Cream Pocketchart Pictures COLOR download

28A - Id Rather Be A Frog download

28B - Id Rather Be A Frog pocketchart pictures download

28C - Id Rather Be A Frog COLOR download

28D - Id Rather Be A Frog pocketchart pictures COLOR download

29A - Patch, the Pirate download

29B - Patch, the Pirate pocketchart pictures download

30A - On a Trick or Treating Night download

30B - On a Trick or Treating Night pocketchart pictures download

30C - On a Trick or Treating Night COLOR download

30D - On a Trick or Treating Night pocketchart pictures COLOR download

31A - Ladybug Making Words Activity download





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